Before the Application
Our product works best on clean, non-moisturized skin so we ask that you do not put any deodorants, perfumes, and/or lotions on your skin before your spray-tan application. We suggest that you wear dark undergarments or a bathing suit during the application.

The Application
Our patented laser-guided applicator delivers an ultra-fine mist for even,

flawless coverage.

From naturally sun-kissed to island bronzed, you’re in control of the intensity you wish to achieve depending on your skin type.

Your tan will continue to develop for the next 24 hours. Typically your tan will fade just as a normal sun tan would (about 5-7 days).

The Product
Our product is FDA approved.  It contains the safe and natural active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which has been used in sunless tanning products for well over 40 years.

Our solution/formula is also enriched with natural plant and mineral extracts such as aloe, caramel, and copper amino acids which help to build collagen—giving you a natural sunless glow.

After Care
To care for your beautifully bronzed skin, you should follow these easy steps:
After your spray-tan application, change into dark, loose fitting clothing and wear sandals or flip flops.

The longer you wait to shower, bathe, swim, (or wash your hands), the darker your tan will become – so it’s best to wait between 4-12 hours.  After doing so, be sure to always use a non-oily moisturizer.

It is best to keep exercise to a minimum after the first several hours of your spray-tan application.  (Heavy perspiration could lead to discoloration and streaks).

Please Note
This product does not contain sunscreen!

We urge you to check with your physician before using our services if you:
- have any respiratory condition such as asthma

- have any questionable skin allergies or medical ailments

- are pregnant or nursing (we suggest wearing a mask which we provide)

The Application

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